Digital Mailroom at Optimco

Eliminating backlog and reducing record handling times at Optimco Flemish insurance company Optimco works with over 1,200 independent insurance agents on a daily basis. It manages about 160,000 contracts for 115,000 customers, which means a lot of back and forth communication. At Optimco, everyone is treated like a winner and friendly, personal communication is very… Continue reading Digital Mailroom at Optimco

The moment Digital Onboarding moved from Salestech to Regtech

Guest blog by Rik Coeckelbergs. Three years ago, Docbyte’s CEO Frederik Rosseel took the stage at The Banking Scene’s first conference. He presented a use case of our mobile Digital Onboarding solution. There was no reference to compliance or regulation whatsoever. It was a presentation on digitalization, innovation and mobile experience. Docbyte didn’t even call… Continue reading The moment Digital Onboarding moved from Salestech to Regtech

Intelligent data capture [Whitepaper]

An easy way of ensuring compliance when communicating with your customer Getting correct customer data into the right systems is an immensely crucial and often time-consuming process for many companies. Either because information reaches them on paper or because electronic communications are unstructured. Intelligent data capture, where information is extracted via AI, is the way… Continue reading Intelligent data capture [Whitepaper]