EMC IIG Product Announcements 2014

As there was no Momentum in 2013, there were no major IIG product launches or announcemements made at the end of last year.

Looking at “Negative Space” to Drive Positive ROI in Healthcare

When I see prospects weighing IT buying decisions, I am always surprised by those that focus exclusively on what “new” functionality they will enjoy.

DocuShare Outlook Plug-in

The Docbyte Outlook plugin is a perfect tool for anyone who uses the document routing features of Xerox DocuShare.

Debugging the DocuShare Tomcat server using JPDA

Sometimes it might be necessary to debug a (DocuShare) Tomcat instance.

Setting locale in Documentum Composer

It is a known problem with Documentum Composer that it uses the locale of the underlying OS to set its default locale when creating project.

Postregistratie en dossieropvolging met Documentum xCP

Documentum xCP is EMC's incarnatie van wat met een mooi woord 'Case Management' heet.

Integrating GWT with Spring and Hibernate

The following blogpost will be a little different than my others. It will not focus on ECM related development but rather GWT development.

Next Generation Documentum Clients: ECM 2.0

In the past, I've already reported about My Documentum (MyDocumentum) and Centerstage. Now, with the release getting closer, there is some more news about these clients.

SBO's, what and how?

I received some feedback on my previous blog on TBO's: and a question that came back was: what are SBO's, and how are they connected with TBO's?

Creating a custom TBO

As my first blogpost, I decided to start off easy and do a (modified) repost of my blogpost on the EMC Community site on how to develop a custom TBO