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How to secure the content of your digital documents with a digital seal

As our ways of doing business become more and more digital, paper document streams are increasingly unproductive and slow down the overall processes on which organizations spend lots of money optimizing. On the other hand, with increased digital document exchange, how can you really be sure that the invoice you received is indeed the correct one and hasn’t been victim to fraud? Or how can you prove that the contract wasn’t signed by you? Download this whitepaper for more advantages...

Carol Vanderdonck , EIM Lead Consultant
10 Dec,2015 4:09PM
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Why your organization should have a digital mailroom

Take the First Hurdle ™ in the Digitization of your organization. A document on why, how and what considerations and questions you should have before embarking on the journey. Digital transformation is the buzz-word and organizations taking their customers seriously, as they should, are very aware of the necessity to ‘transform’. But this process has to begin by successfully taking the first hurdle. And that is the mailroom. Moving to a digital mailroom can improve your operational excellence thus increasing your companies and your customer’s responsiveness. Download this whitepaper for more thoughts on the matter...

Henk Vervaeke , Marketing Communications Manager
15 Jun,2015 9:43AM
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How to keep accessing vital information whatever its age

Application retirement, or also known as Application Decommissioning, concerns the separation of applications and the information stored in them. Indeed, this information has to be available longer than the application itself. Storing this important information in an archive offers the opportunity to phase out old applications while preserving vital data and, at the same time, to realize major savings. Application retirement is applicable in every business context. Indeed, information is stored everywhere in very disparate systems. Bringing this information together in one single archive is not only cost effective but it is also a blessing for users. Download t...

Paul Henon , Healthcare Director
27 May,2015 4:06PM
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