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Your benefits

  • An up-to-date system with enhanced features and an increased shelf life 
  • An improvement of your case management
  • No downtime
  • Smooth implementation by specialists
  • 24/7 support

Your Challenges

  • Upgrading is a must to improve your business processes.
  • Upgrading a system is a critical operation
  • Downtime is not an option
  • Pitfalls should be avoided at all costs
  • You’re not a specialist in this field

An Iterative Process

By design, DocMigrate is able to perform multiple iterations of the migration, thus allowing for a continued migration process, even when the source environment is still subject to changes. This permits the migration of newly added objects and of updated objects, without breaking the migration process.


Our Solution:SyncServer

Because you want to increase the longevity of your investment and improve the management of your critical and sensitive information Docbyte created SyncServer.

SyncServer, the Docbyte migration and Sync solution for Documentum, has been developed to provide an answer to the migration worries of Documentum users. It enables the migration of objects, content, metadata and other aspects of a Documentum installation from one environment to another, across versions and platforms.

Basic Process

The migration process can cope with different object models in the source environment and will move objects with their metadata to the target environment. It will do this using an intermediary migration database that keeps track of all objects and their current status in the migration process.

In the diagram hereunder we distinguish these steps:

  • Source extraction: the objects are extracted from the source environment, including metadata, but excluding content.
  • Object storing: the objects and their metadata are stored in the migration database for further processing.
  • Object migration: the process iterates through all the unprocessed objects and selects them individually for migration.
  • Content extraction: for each object, the content is retrieved from the source environment.
  • Target storing: the object and its content are stored in the target environment.
  • Object update: the object status is updated in the migration database.


Our approach

Based on an analysis of your needs and requirements Docbyte proposes a process to migrate your valuable data to the new system. The key differentiator in the Docbyte approach is that we offer reliable, transparant and scalable solutions based on your needs. 


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