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Application Retirement

Your benefits

  • Cost reduction thanks to less licenses, maintenance, platform- and datacenter-costs
  • Reduction of complexity through reduction of applications and information sources results in a simplified environment and decrease of operational costs
  • Reduction of operational risks through reduction of number of applications
  • No issues when knowledge of old systems fades away with time
  • Focus on ‘run-the-business’ instead of ‘life support’
  • Increased productivity when searching for information

Your Challenges

  • Applications are phased out but the information is still useful
  • Easy access to ‘old’ information is vital
  • Readability by new applications is necessary
  • Knowledge of the ‘old’ application fades away with time
  • Keeping applications running in tandem is costly
  • Integrating old information in new systems is costly

Our Solution:Application Retirement

  • User-friendly archive that allows 24/7 access to information
  • Platform and browser independent to ensure an effortless integration
  • Intuitive organization of all types of information that can be searched by keyword
  • Easy migration of data to a central archive

Our Approach: a modular future proof concept

Based on an analysis of your applications to be dretired and the information contained therein Docbyte proposes a future proof process with the right level of archiving that responds to your capabilities. The key differentiator in the Docbyte approach is that we offer reliable, transparant and scalable solutions based on your needs.


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