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Migration is all about moving to a new place. And we could be talking about your data or about your applications. In fact, it could be about both, or even about neither – in which case we’re referring to it as an upgrade. Docbyte offers migration services from straightforward version upgrades to highly complex migration scenarios, including changing the platform, the version, the database and even the object model. Foremost challenges on the mind with migration projects are limiting downtime and dealing with continuously changing source content. To handle both aspects, Docbyte has developed its own tool, Docbyte SyncServer, that makes it possible to perform a migration without interrupting the source system’s services and that keeps track of (even incremental) changes.The right tools, in combination with experienced consultants, assure that every migration project turns into a customer success.


Even on the best platforms, things can go wrong. Users may perform an unexpected action, processes may choke on unexpected parameters. Platforms may stop running for no apparent reason. Even though architectures are typically designed to cope with the unexpected as a matter of course, there will be unexpected problems along the way.Additionally, as with any application, user requirements may change once an application is in use. Small changes to an environment may be required that are important, but do not merit the setup of an entire project organization. Or you may need some assistance with a peripheral system, not related, but connected to the EIM architecture.These topics can be addressed by the Docbyte Service Desk, who will answer your requests within predefined SLA guidelines and who will serve as a single point of contact with the software vendors involved in your EIM environment. Also, the service desk can perform regular health checks that include clean-up and maintenance and allow early detection of possible issues.A proven support track record with certified support engineers as a means to assure customer success.


Service Desk


Change Management

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Application retirement is the dream of a CIO: getting rid of old/obsolete/unused (delete if not applicable) applications while being able to retain the information contained within. It delivers immediate and measurable (financial) results by means of the avoided maintenance effort and cost.The main challenge with application retirement is of course the extraction flow, whereby structured and unstructured information is retrieved from the source application and inserted into the digital archive. This information will nearly always need to be transformed into a format that is time-resistant, i.e. remains legible for a long period of time.Docbyte has actually built a transformation platform to deal with this challenge, making the transformation from source to target a matter of configuration, not of frustration.Real experience and the right tools assure that Docbyte turns your application retirement challenges into real customer success.


Taking a backup is easy. Taking a good backup is a little harder. Making sure it can be restored is harder still, but assuring a comprehensive, effective and complete backup strategy is in place, is the biggest challenge of all.Docbyte has a broad experience in dealing with the challenges of large volume backups. Using the appropriate tools, we can enable hot backups as well as granular backup and restore. The end result is a well-managed backup approach that covers all your data and gives you peace of mind.Experienced consultants and the right tools are combined to deliver each backup project as a customer success.


Monitoring your EIM environment is a matter of good management. It is about detecting actual issues and/or predicting possible incidents. Monitoring can be performed at different levels, either technical or business-oriented, depending on the needs of your organisation.Traditionally, the first step in monitoring will focus on the systems in your environment: are systems running? Do they respond with the expected answer on the predefined ports? What is the CPU load? What is the memory usage? Is disk space OK? Increasingly however, organisations also perform process monitoring as a means to improve their service to the business users, keeping an eye on the behaviour of processes and warning users when they lock up or take too long.The last level of monitoring focuses on performance, actually measuring the response time of application/architecture components and setting them against the expected behaviour. This level permits the IT team to intervene before a real problem develops, keeping user satisfaction high.Docbyte is highly experienced with setting up monitoring for EIM environments, using the right tools for each of the monitoring aspects. In addition to automated monitoring, Docbyte also offers monitoring services, whereby environment components are regularly verified and checked for good behaviour.Real experience and the right tools assure that Docbyte turns your monitoring challenges into real customer success.


The Docbyte hosting services are really about managed services: Docbyte takes care of your environment, assures the availability and accessibility of your applications and sets up the necessary backup and monitoring processes.Docbyte may deliver these services in a traditional hosted model, i.e. secured, using dedicated VPN to connect to your site, or even in your own datacentre.Docbyte hosting, run by experienced professionals, is a sure way to achieve customer success.


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