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Sorrento Webinar

Digital customer onboarding is a hot topic in the financial world. Due to the need of different competences, it is not always seamless to create an inhouse solution. With our expertise and large network of partners, we have developed a mobile application compliant with EU regulations, called Sorrento, that: Digitizes your total customer onboarding process. Reduces any approval process (loan credit) from days to just a few minutes.




17 October 2017


How does it work?

  • The information that is needed to compose a digital loan agreement, like an identity document, bank card or pay slip, are captured through a mobile device in the point-of-sales by using automatic extraction.
  • The necessary information like the data of the buyer and the property that should be financed, will be extracted and stored, and will automatically generate a digital agreement.
  • This agreement will be presented to the back office where they will calculate the credit score.
  • This will result in an automated decision that will approve or disapprove of the loan. And will create a digital credit proposal that will be send to your customer for approval.


The webinar will be held on October 17th 2017 at noon (GMT +02:00).


Join us to this webinar where we will give you a demo of the Sorrento application. Register yourself through the link.


You can watch the recording of this webinar by registering through the link.