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News from Momentum Prague 2008

News from Momentum Prague 2008

Frederik Rosseel,Principal Consultant & CEO




17 November 2008


Last week we attended the annual Documentum fest (still sounds better than the EMC Software Group fest). Great organization, long days and long nights. Reconnected with familiar faces.

But was there anything special to announce? Yes, there was.

First of all, there were a lot of things that we already knew:

  • The integration of the X-Hive XML Store, which allows to finally handle XML with a good level of performance.
  • An integrated solution for e-mail archiving, i.e. moving away from the current 2-lane solutions of e-mail archiving and Client for Outlook.
  • A new Sharepoint integration framework, with support for journaling.

But was there anything new to talk about? Quite a lot, in fact. Here's a quick overview of the most important newsbytes:


There wasn't a lot to announce in this field, since the platform has heavily changed with D6. D6.5 and D7 will mainly focus on new user interfaces.

  • EMC is going to work on Documentum Solution Frameworks. As it was announced, it is supposedly going to be off-the-shelf solutions for specific user needs. These "frameworks" would be easy to configure to the user environment. A first of these frameworks, aimed at case management, would be released second half of 2009. Several EMC consultants and representatives had never heard about this initiative before when Mark Lewis made the announcement. We'll see... Maybe, it might be something like our own docTools.
  • Flex is the future. TaskSpace, Flex components and other components will be interchangeable in the different client interfaces. In a first phase that is. Between the lines, it was obvious that WDK will be disappearing in a future not that far away.

Transactional Content Management (BPM & Capture)

  • High fidelity forms: Create forms with the look & feel of a Word processor.
  • In flow scanning: Web based scanning integrated in TaskSpace
  • "webHTML" (no official name yet): End 2009 (or later) there will finally be a possibility to publish your forms to the web and reintegrate the form in your repository/process.
  • The future of Captiva looks bright. Captiva is beginning to capitalize on its stronger architecture (in comparison to its main competitors).

Interactive Content Management (DAM & WCM)

  • Site Caching Services: 2-way publishing allows to reintegrate data generated on the web site in the repository (e.g. user feedback)
  • Site Caching Services: The new Site Caching Services supports "webXML", publishing to an online XML store. Making Documentum WCM the ideal solution to integrate with a high-end CMS.
  • Media Workspace: DAM and Page builder (the nifty Flex based interface for creating web templates released with 6.5) integrated into a single, sexy interface
  • Web Publisher: Web 2.0 functionalities added
  • There is no replacement for Site Delivery Services (ContentCaster) yet, but they're working on it.

Knowledge Worker (DMS & Collaboration)

  • As we already knew, Documentum Client for Outlook and MyDocumentum (the offline client) have been postponed to January 2009.
  • The MyDocumentum, FileShareServices and Documentum Client for Outlook products will be merged into a single product: MyDocumentum.
  • The advanced version of CenterStage will be officially named Pro and will be available with the 1.5 release. The Essentials version basically only offers Basic Content Services, the Pro version will also offer Wikis, Blogs, etc.
  • CenterStage 1.0 will be released somewhere first half of 2009 (one presentation said februari, the second one april and the third one "first half of 2009).
  • CenterStage 1.5 Essentials and Pro will be released (if all goes well) September 2009.
  • The D7 release of CenterStage Pro should comprise all functionalities that can be found in eRoom.
  • CenterStage Essentials will be heavily promoted as the interface of choice for standard users.
  • CenterStage will boast quite a decent support for mobile users; Blackberry will be the first device to be supported and the iPhone is the next in line to be supported.
  • Unofficial:
    • CenterStage Essentials will be free for WebTop customers.
    • eRoom customers will get CenterStage Pro free of charge.
    • The migration tool to migrate from eRoom to CenterStage (RedCarpet) will be free of charge. 

There was nothing new to announce (or we might have overlooked it) in the Compliance & Archiving suite.

See you next year in Athens, giving us plenty of time to be catching up on sleep.


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