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D2 vs. xCP

D2 vs. xCP

Frederik Rosseel,Principal Consultant & CEO




10 May 2016


This is a question we often get from customers: "What's the difference between D2 and xCP? What should I choose as a client for my solution?"

Initially we turned to explaining all the functionalities of xCP and D2, but I suppose we can do that way simpler, using the following table:



Document ManagementCase Management / Electronic File Management
Document ProcessingInformation Processing
Connecting the dotsWhite canvas
"Side" ProcessesCore processes
Runtime configurationBuild-time configuration
"You can configure what you get.""You can configure anything you want."
Quick Roll-outRequires prior configuration
  • Quality Documents
  • Document Library
  • Controlled Documents
  • Complex Authoring
  • Contract Management
  • Claims Management
  • Correspondence Management
  • Request Processing
Yes, this might look a bit simple, but it might help customers easily understand the differences between the two of them. What do I mean with Core Processes? Core processes are the main business of the organization or the department. It is clear that new account opening and credit approval processing are core processes for a bank, but for some other processes the distinction is not always that clear. E.g. Invoice processing or hiring people are generally not the core business of any organization, but they are very likely to be the core processes of your accounting department or HR-department. However, having a document library with press articles or making sure the nursing procedures are managed correctly are very likely not the core processes of your communications or nursing department. The latter are generally supporting your workforce in their day-to-day job. It's information they are required to have to support them in their job. 
While we're at it, let's also handle an objection we get from existing WebTop users when the license matter is raised: "Why do we need to pay for D2 or xCP, while we have our WebTop licenses?".
Well, this one is easy: D2 and xCP offer a lot more functionality than WebTop used to do, and will considerably reduce your implementation time and maintenance cost as compared to WebTop implementations. Also, once users have seen what's possible with D2 or xCP, the fact that they don't come for free, is no longer an issue. (Just to give you an idea, D2 offers almost the same functionality as was offered in the past by our Docbyte Doctools or by the Core Solution as provided by EMC PS).
I hope this clarifies things a little bit, if you have any questions don't hesitate to comment on this post or to send me an email.



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