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The Docbyte Adlib methodology

When we set out on a project with a client we follow a set methodology that was created by Docbyte and is the result of the years of experience we have in our field. What is special about the ADLIB methodology is that it was conceived as a systematic approach of different elements of a project. It is documented and can be adapted, even in the details, on the basis of real life experiences.

Using a methodology creates a system in the life span of the project and introduces a predictability regarding effort and result. A level of control will reduce the risk of an unsuccessful project. Something we all want to avoid.


Making the company aware through workshops, briefings, presentations and communication in general about the project.


Define and evaluate needs and desires.


Knowledge transfer about solutions (training, pilot projects, POC).


Execution of the project with special attention to migration (the technical aspect) as well as to Change Management (how to work with the new system).


Measurement, follow-up and adaptation of the solution. Ongoing actions as check-ups, trainings and support.