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Become an Information Management Superhero!

Meet Docbyte


We're an IT consultancy company based in Ghent, employing around 30 people. Our team helps companies get a grip on their business information (using a.o. products such as DocShifter, Documentum, D2, xCP, Captiva or InfoArchive). Our main focus are Enterprise Customers in Information Centric Verticals such as banking, insurance, public sector or healthcare.

We're always looking for both starter and experienced profiles: whether you're an IT expert who can be relied on for the in-house development of software products in Java, or someone with IT skills who prefers to be outsourced to the client, you’re at the right address with us.


A place for ambition and growth

You're ambitious for growth and you'd like to expand your skill-set? Our people culture will let you do just that. Surround yourself with a diverse team of experienced seniors or entry-level colleagues who are happy to share their knowledge with you during an internal lunch and learn training. Our team has its own Scrum master, for example, who teaches us to use Scrum as a way of getting a clear picture of projects, and tackling them qualitatively from beginning to end. You'd rather take an external course? No problem! We give you the freedom to improve your knowledge with any online courses or interactive workshops that may be necessary.


We're all about giving you space in your job. We offer flexible working hours and you also get the chance to work from home now and then. Since we operate a 39-hour working week, you get to enjoy at least 26 days leave a year. On top of that, you get seniority leave, and part-time hours are negotiable.

The perfect balance between work and private life

Time for food and fun

Food & Drinks


Are you a foodie too? Then you're probably going to fit right in, in our team. Not only do your colleagues organise a Tasty Thursday, we also offer the following goodies for your enjoyment:


  • Start every day from now on with a healthy breakfast at the breakfast bar: there's yoghurt, fruit and a selection of breakfast cereals such as muesli or granola.
  • Need a cup of good coffee now and then? This is the right place for you! You grind the coffee beans yourself
  • We have two kitchens equipped with all you need to keep your lunch cool or heat it up. 
  • Feel like a snack? We have the fruit basket, and healthy snacks like granola bars or a bowl of soup. 
  • We enjoy a Thai lunch together every Friday (you really must try No. 28).
  • You’ll find a commercial centre a stone's throw from the office, easy to reach using one of our electric bikes.
  • Our leisure area has a bar, fully stocked for any informal after-work drinks, or birthday or Christmas celebrations.
  • When the weather is good, we enjoy lunch with an extra portion of Vitamin D outside at the picnic table.
  • And of course, colleagues sometimes treat you to gingerbread, éclairs or home-baking.

Fun at work


Working in a software company definitely doesn't have to be boring. Our workplace offers ample opportunity for relaxation, and you can stretch your legs at one of our stand-up desks or use the deskbike.


Need a break? Challenge your colleague to a game of kicker or take a sporting break on the water rower. You can freshen up afterwards in the showers. Anyone looking to clear their head completely, can retreat to the siesta room or the lounge corner with a comic book. And anyone wanting to take a break from reality altogether, can put on our Virtual Reality headset

Out-of-the-box team events

We like to add a few out-of-the-box activities to the yearly calendar, to strengthen team spirit. For those who like action: an air cushion trail, escape game, sport shooting, curling or a city game .... you name it, we do it. We also organise some chill events like cocktail or cookery workshops, boat trip, dinner out, a visit to the Zesdaagse (6-day bike race in Ghent) or a viewing of the latest Star Wars film. Docbyte is also known for its organisation of the annual Superhero day, when all members of the team dress up as their favourite superhero. We spend the day combining our super powers, as it were, to come up with solutions for the paper mountain. Do you have a great idea for a team event? Or do you just want to be part of this team of superheroes? Don't hesitate, come and introduce yourself!

The right stimulus

We aim for a paper-free environment at the Docbyte offices, with flexible work stations. This means that no-one has a permanent work station, and you can choose every morning to work somewhere else. You also always have a second, or if required, a third screen at your disposal, equipped with all the necessary software, to connect your laptop to. And you get the following standard benefits too:

  • Company car with fuel card
  • Collective insurance
  • Eco cheques
  • Meal vouchers
  • Hospital insurance
  • Branded T-shirts, sweaters and sports clothing


Has all this made you enthusiastic? Take a look at our job vacancies and leave a message or send us an email via so we can schedule a preliminary telephone call with you. After that, we'll invite you to come to our offices for a face-to-face interview.