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Managing content in the digital information deluge with Docushare 7

Managing content in the digital information deluge with Docushare 7

Maxime Vermeir,ECM Consultant




9 December 2015


How Docushare 7 can help your growing SME cope with digital information

Digital information is everywhere, it reaches us through a diverse range of channels and the amount that we receive, and create, seems to be a never ending story. In this changing landscape, companies need the correct tools and partners to cope with this digital information deluge. Read on to learn more about what the trends are in the changing workplace and how Docbyte can provide you with a solution using the new Docushare 7 platform.

Invoice 01000100 01001001 01000111

Invoicing is no longer a pure paper process as companies receive both paper and digital invoices that need to be managed. Every organization has a process for paper invoices and knows how to handle them. But what about their digital invoices? In 2015 there has been a major increase in their use and 34 billion digital invoices [1] have been transacted in Europe and this number continues to grow. Following EU Regulations, they no longer need to be stored on paper. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be securely archived. Furthermore the European Union is stimulating electronic e-invoicing due to the 2014/55/EU* directive [2] on e-invoicing in public procurement.

Email Archiving

We send more emails than ever before, over approximatively 122.500.453.020 per hour* [3] globally. And that is because about 72% of customers prefer email as their favorite conduit for communication between them and an organization. But also from a legal point of view email has increased in importance. Emails now carry the same legal binding as their paper counterparts. So we need another  place than our inboxes, to safeguard and share all this information as it is becoming more and more business critical in day-to-day operations.

Xerox DocuShare 7

An increasing amount of documents within our working environment send across every department of our organizations are digitally born and can’t be properly managed using the slow and dreaded paper archive. And yet, there is not always a strategy to manage this information with the basic tools that are currently available in most organizations. But that’s where DocuShare 7 comes in and provides you with a basis to keep your organization safe from the digital information deluge.

The new Xerox DocuShare 7 platform provides a central repository for all your documents and files, combined with powerful search capabilities and simple automation tools. The vastly improved usability and user experience are other factors that make the DocuShare 7 platform the ideal solution to turn an organization from paper or scattered data, to a managed, automated and optimized digital working environment.

Here are some of the highlights on what’s new in DocuShare 7 and how they, and Docbyte as your trusted implementation partner, can help your organization to handle the overflow of digital information.

Responsive UI

The completely rewritten responsive web User Interface, now powered by HTML5 and Javascript, brings a refreshed and more up to date user experience to DocuShare 7. The design team took great effort to incorporate the feedback from both customers and partners who already worked with the platform daily. When working with DocuShare 7, you not only need fewer clicks but the interface has also more flexibility to be configured to your liking. Finally, the UI is completely responsive when working with mobile devices and the buttons are optimized for easier access.

Drag & Drop File Upload

With the revamped UI there also comes a long awaited feature. Namely the drag and drop file upload, which has a very streamlined process. Users are presented with the option to upload files as a standard document or their own custom document type (e.g. Invoice, Contract, Letter,…), but they can also enter meta-data in the same window. Even if you want to upload a lot of files with the same set of meta-data, you just have to enter it once and it will complete the other documents for you.

Automate and Simplify

Once documents are stored in a digital archive, they can be used better in our day to day processes. And by using the tools provided by DocuShare 7, organizations can automate and simplify these processes. For example, the platform offers a Content Rules Manager which is an intuitive action-reaction based tool that can easily be managed by organizations, thanks to a simple wizard interface. Maybe you want a new contract to be automatically approved by the legal team using a workflow? In DocuShare 7 this will only take a few steps with the Content Rules Manager.


Application Connectors

With all your information in a DocuShare 7 repository, you can be assured that it’s safe, managed and available from all of the DocuShare client applications, iOS and Android included. However, users today are accustomed to deep integration between applications. For example, when using services such as IFTT you can connect a Facebook account to Dropbox, to automatically store a photo you are tagged in by a friend. With the DocuShare 7 Application Connectors, the same level of integration between different applications within an organization can be achieved. Need a document displayed in your ERP system? No problem. Want to automatically display all the documents related to a customer when opening your CRM? No problem. Need to update a database with information from DocuShare? No problem. And the list could go on and on…

Work better, not harder

As you’ve probably guessed by now, DocuShare 7 has what it takes to help your organization, large or small, cope with the digital information flow. The program provides a cutting edge technology in a user friendly package. It can be used to completely digitize and optimize the way your organization works with information, so you can work more efficiently and spend more time doing tasks that contribute  to your organization.

Trustworthy Partner

Docbyte is your partner for DocuShare 7 in deploying the solutions for your digital workplace. Docbyte is the Master Reseller for DocuShare in the Benelux with in house certified DocuShare consultants. Do you want to know more about DocuShare 7 or how it can be deployed in your organization? Then don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll get through your information overflow together.




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