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5 ways digital transformation impacts the industry

The role of digital technology is rapidly changing. In the past it was only a driver of marginal efficiency, today it is a facilitator for innovation and disruption. Digitalization causes far-reaching transformations across various aspects of business, enabling new opportunities for value creation and at the same time forming important risks. Companies across all industries […]

Is your business a digital enterprise?

The long-term challenge for businesses today is to remain relevant to digital customers. Therefore, digital technology must be at the core of what companies are doing. Companies that have successfully implemented a digital transformation, prove to be more competitive, agile and innovative. Becoming a digital enterprise requires a new way of looking at all your […]

Why companies must embrace digital transformation right now

The digital revolution is unstoppable. For companies, it gives rise to new challenges and opportunities. To respond to the increasingly demanding expectations of customers, partners and employees, companies should embrace digital transformation. De digital revolution is happening right now. Online shopping, e-banking, electronic payments are all established concepts. Camera’s, phones, televisions, … what once was […]

Dockerizing Documentum

Words like containerization and Docker can no longer be avoided in the world of IT. What does it really mean for your enterprise and how will it change your Documentum environments? Before diving into Documentum, let’s start off with a small overview on the meaning of containerization. Containerization The concept of containers originates from the […]

Convert everything to PDF/A? Including PDF files?

In recent years, as the need for Long Term Archiving and Long Term Preservation of “Digital Born” information has increased, so has the call for a universal archiving format been increasing. The idea behind this is to have a file format that allows you to permanently store and read information without any loss of information. […]

How to add an index rendition to your documents in Documentum?

When speaking of document transformation, people mostly think about converting a document from one type to another, while preserving all the data from the source document. However, this is not always required. DocShifter thinks one step beyond basic transformation and answers specific needs you might encounter. In this post I will explain how DocShifter can […]